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Welcome to Evela

Evela is a company designed to meet the specific needs of individuals and organizations in completing writing tasks, editing documents and creating marketing materials.

Over the years I have worked with a number of persons that have benefitted from my passion
for writing, editing and design. They were originally just hobbies of mine, to which I did not attribute great value past the scope of my immediate family members, friends, work colleagues and peers.

However, after receiving much positive feedback and requests for assistance in these areas from the people I have worked with, it became clear to me that there is indeed a demand for writers, editors and designers on a larger, broader scale. Specifically, there is a need for these services to be accessible.

To that end, I endeavored to formalize my work into a company, Evela, with which I attempt to overarch my creative interests and reach a larger audience. "Evela" (e-VEH-lah) is a nickname given to me by some of the most influential people in my life - I thank them for their enlightenment and support.

What began as my own creative outlet has today become a company that not only serves as a great networking tool and an opportunity to craft media, but that also challenges the discourses of interpretation, visuals and language.

Please feel free to browse this website and to send me a note at erika@evelaonline.com. I would love to hear from you.


Erika Vela